We hope you enjoy browsing our exotic wood items as much as we have enjoyed creating them!  All wood is sanded to a smooth texture and naturally polished to a shine that enhances the wood grain.  We combine wood with sterling silver, crystal and other materials to compliment the unique features of the wood.  

Exotic Wood, Bead and Crystal Pendant

$ 40 USD

A string of small wooden beads around the neck gives way to ceramic beads, each  separated by three amber colored crystals which meet to display five lovely ovals of exotic wood.  Overall this piece shows primarily amber color and the beads are also an amber hue offset nicely by the natural wood colors of mahogany, teak and sycamore ranging from near-amber to reddish brown. 


Exotic Wood and Silver Pendant

$ 40 USD

Two elegant pieces of exotic wood separated by silver beads hang horizontally from an 18 inch sterling silver chain.  The colors are a beautiful brown teak with elegant grain set against the lovely purple tone of the purple-heart wood (top).  A unique piece sure to gather compliments.


Rosewood, Purple Heart and Mahogany Pendant

$ 40 USD

The vibrant colors of rosewood, purple heart and mahogany are combined in this three piece wood necklace.  Securing both ends are silver tone balls with a small amber crystal complimenting the wood at the bottom.  A striking piece nestled on an 18 inch sterling silver chain, included.


Vertical Wood Pendant

$ 35 USD

A simple, single piece of teakwood hangs suspended from an 18 inch sterling silver chain for a dramatic and elegant look.  The wood is sanded and polished to show the beautiful grain.  Light weight and stunning with jeans or against a dark colored background. 


Teak Earrings

$ 20 USD

These well matched pieces of teak make a great pair of lightweight earrings.  They are a perfect compliment to our vertical wood pendant or any of our necklaces showcasing teak.  They would also look great with a sleek silver necklace to compliment their elegant simplicity.


Exotic Wood, Silver and Crystal Pendant

$ 30 USD

Two horizontally suspended pieces of exotic wood are separated by a tiny amber colored crystal.  Silver tone beads secure the top and bottom of this elegant necklace.  The wood grain of the  mahogany is nicely emphasized against the lesser grained, more 'peachy' colored teak.  An 18 inch sterling silver chain completes the piece.


Exotic Wood Pagoda Pendant

$ 70 USD

Tiny sterling silver balls separate a variety of exotic woods including purple heart, teak, mahogany and sycamore.  This unique piece shows off the amazing colors of these natural wood pieces that are sanded and polished to a brilliant shine.  An 18 inch sterling silver chain secures the 'pagoda' shape.


Vertical Wood Strands Pendant

$ 45 USD

Two beautiful pieces of teak surround the single piece of rosewood showing beautiful color contrast and grain.  Separated by clear beads surrounding irridescent crystal this piece is suspended on a sterling silver filigre bar attached to an 18 inch sterling silver chain.  Dramatic and stunning this piece is an attention getter.


Rosewood, Glass and Crystal Pendant

$ 40 USD

The central piece of rosewood is flanked by two amber colored glass ovals  suspended  from  a silver tone bar.  Atop the glass beads is an irridescent crystal showing amber, blue and purple with the changing light.  Small, clear beads finish off the glass on both top and bottom giving an elegant finish.  The single wood piece gives a dramatic contrast to the glass and beads, and all three hang from an 18 inch sterling silver chain.


Glass Earrings

$ 25 USD

Amber glass edged in gold to bring out the amber/brown colors is a natural compliment to our rose wood glass and crystal necklace.  These glass pieces are accented with clear beads and a single, irridescent crystal topping them off.  They are suspended from sterling silver earwires.


Exotic Wood "Collar" Pendant

$ 50 USD

A dramatic display of wood featuring rosewood, mahogany, purple heart and teak, these wood pieces are separated by tiny wooden beads.  Suspended from a gold tone chain with a toggle clasp, this is a fun and elegant piece that looks exceptional with a strapless bodice or over a sweater.


Cocobolo Earrings

$ 25 USD

Two nicely matched cocobolo pieces hang suspended from gold tone wires.  These earrings are lightweight and are a great match with our "collar" necklace as well as any of our necklaces featuring purple heart, rosewood or mahogany.  They would also work well with a simple or ornate gold necklace.


Red Hue Wood Pendant and Earrings Set

$ 40 USD

A combination of geometric and oval shapes of wooden beads form this elegant necklace. Separated with tiny gold tone beads, this red-hued wood is stunning.  When worn with black or brown, the color of the wood seems to adapt to its surroundings, bringing out complimentary color.  A gold tone chain completes the necklace.  Matching earrings, consisting of one oval and one geometric wooden bead hang from gold tone ear wires.