We love walking on the beach and collecting shells... but we don't look for the perfect shell specimen, we look for those that have unique artistic qualities!  Weathering the waves and sand, many of our pieces started as broken shells that were just waiting for an artistic touch to make them 'whole' again.

Fluttery Shell Pendant

$ 55 USD

A frilly, fluttery shell capturing the essence of waves dangles from an 18 inch sterling silver chain.  This piece displays frothy hues of white, gray and natural pink.  The natural scalloped edge has been sanded smooth while retaining the original shape.  The outside of the shell has been sanded and buffed to a muted semi-gloss that contrasts with the natural sheen of the shell interior.  A dramatic piece that adapts well to casual and elegant wear.


Fossilized Shell Pendant

$ 65 USD

This piece has been years in the making!  A fossilized piece of shell with a natural finish buffed to a soft matte, this unique pendant displays beautiful shades of gray.  Hanging at a slight angle, this piece takes advantage of a natural hole burrowed many years ago.  Much like identifying objects in the clouds, various 'objects' have been reported as being imagined in this piece - ranging from a bird to a beaver sitting on a log.  An exceptional piece that cannot be duplicated, this one is stunning with jeans or elegant wear - truly a conversation piece!


Large Pink Shell Pendant

$ 65 USD

Intriguing natural designs on this large shell with pink edging.  The natural markings show gray and white with an interesting pattern of peaks and circles.  The natural edge of the shell is distinctively pink.  Attached to the upper corner is a small twisted tubular shell that echoes the natural 'v-shaped' design of the primary shell.  This dramatic piece looks great with jeans or compliments a dressy ensemble.  Shell pendant is suspended on an 18 inch sterling silver chain.


Pink and White Triangular Shell Pendant

$ 45 USD

Natural pinks surround a natural white inlaid section of this magnificent shell. The unique shape is accented by the dramatic color contrasts.  The pink section appears relatively porous and is sanded to a smooth finish which plays nicely against the smooth, solid matte finish of the natural white inlay.  The back of this piece has been left in its natural state, showing the natural texture of the original shell.  An 18 inch sterling silver chain completes the piece.


Pink and Gray Natural Shell Pendant

$ 45 USD

Natural markings and varied textures play nicely with the varigated colors of gray, pink and brown.  The gray circular marking is nearly translucent while the substantial earthy markings throughout the shell reveal interesting natural patterns.  This piece is elegant and casual and compliments every outfit - certainly drawing attention through it's uniqueness.  Muted colors adapt well to blues, blacks, browns and grays as the overall look of the piece takes on a variety of color from its surroundings.  Great with jeans as well as elegant attire.


Natural Rectangular Shell Pendant

$ 45 USD

The shell used in this piece was found already worn by the elements into a rectangular shape.  The naturally darkened edges frame the soft muted grays of the smooth surface.  Edges have been sanded smooth while retaining the natural markings of the shell.  The perfectly preserved back of this piece shows a natural shell surface with ridges in light tan/ecru, permitting this piece to easily be work with either side as the front.  This conversation piece is equally complimentary to casual and elegant attire.  The rectangle is suspended  from an 18 inch sterling silver chain.


White Shell Pendant with Pale Pink Highlights

$ 45 USD

This shell pendant is a very bright white semi matte finish with marbelized hints of pale pinks bordering on lavendar.  Interesting markings include a small swirl pattern that shows a more glossy texture.  Sides are nearly beveled showing a beautiful color contrast.  On the flip side - this pendant appears to be a traditionally shaped 'shell' showing shell ridges and markings... can be worn either way.  A very elegant piece suspended from an 18 inch sterling silver chain, it works well as a dressy accessory and is beautiful with jeans as well.


Semi Scallop-Edged Shell Pendant

$ 40 USD

A relatively flat shaped shell provides the basis for this lovely pendant, but don't be fooled by it's flatness... there are several hills and valleys displayed on the face giving it depth and contours. Primarily gray with mottled hues of near-peach and off-white this piece accessories a variety of outfits.  The natural scalloped edge has been sanded smooth.  An 18 inch sterling silver chain completes the pendant. 


Variations in Gray Shell Pendant

$ 35 USD

Gracefully suspended from an 18 inch sterling silver chain, this lightweight shell brings the essance of waves to any outfit.  The interesting wave-like markings reminiscent of a lazy beach are accented in hues of natural gray with bluish tendencies.  Great with jeans or an elegant ensemble. 


Twirly, Dancing Shell Pendant

$ 40 USD

Grays, beiges and near-pink colors are interweaved throughout this dancing shape, culminating in a frothy edge.  The majority of the shell is a very smooth finish with a rougher, porous end that flips up from edge to edge reminiscent of the swirl of a dancer's skirt.  The shell twists and turns while suspended from an 18 inch sterling silver chain drawing attention with every move.


Scallop Edged Shell Pendant

$ 40 USD

A very fragile looking piece, the delicate shell sports a scalloped edge.  Interesting markings of white and gray adorn the naturally irridescent backdrop.  This colors in this piece work well with a variety of ensembles, both casual and elegant and in a wide range of colors.  This is a very lightweight piece dangling elegantly from an 18 inch sterling silver chain.


Black and White Natural Shell Pendant

$ 35 USD

Primarily black, gray and white this piece reflects colors around it.  The markings are suggestive of 'trails' and the piece is polished to a semi-gloss finish.  The reverse side is appropriate to wear as a dark grayish/black pendant showing traditional shell outercasings.  A great accessory you'll be proud to wear with casual or business attire.