Creative Renditions

Picture Gallery   

Here are a few pictures to help you get to 'know' us a little better!  Photos will change from time to time and may include our studio, some of our other interests and maybe even a few of our 'favorite' pieces of jewelry you may not have had a chance to see... many of our pieces sold the first time they were shown!  If you see something you want in our online store - grab it now!   The items in our online catalog are also available for purchase at our in-person events.

                     The "Studio" 

Detailing a new piece in the studio

 This dramatic piece is no longer available, either!   You really have to move quickly or you miss out!

Our booth setup for an outdoor art festival


 Double Heart - Double Delight!

The double heart pendant is two unique pendants in one.. the iconic tree of life is depicted on one side, while the other is interwined with vines that securely hold two 5 mm garnet red CZs and three 3 mm bright white CZs.  This is a very unique pendant that is extremely versatile!  See our "shop fine silver": section to order.

One-of-a-Kind Shell Necklace, natural 'flower' shape - sold at first showing!

 Very unique and dramatic periwinkle agate necklace.  After it's new owner thankfully survived a devastating apartment fire, this piece was retrieved from the rubble... still in tact and wearable!

The first showing of any of our wood pieces, this piece was sold!  In fact, it was worn out of the show - looking extremely beautiful with the black, scooped neck its new owner was wearing! 

This is a photo of an acrylic painting on canvas Linda created based on  a photo she took at her daughter's wedding...  

My Love Grows!

This photo shows the reverse side of "My Love Grows" available in our Fine Silver Shop. This is the reverse side from the one shown in the shop. 

The trunk is more solid, and the tree leans in the opposite direction.  Both sides are suitable for wearing, giving you TWO pendants in one!