Welcome to our fine silver selection!  All of our silver pieces are crafted in 999 fine silver.  All pendants include an 18 inch sterling silver chain that has been selected to enhance the beauty of each piece.  If you require a different length chain, please contact us and we will be happy to provide a suitable alternative.  Check back often as our selections are constantly changing! 

We sell our items at art festivals and other events as well as on the web.  Because of this, it is possible an item you would like has recently been sold and we will contact you immediately for further instructions.  We try to keep our site updated, but it can take a few days after an event.  (see our events page).   If an item is sold, we can create another one as similar to the one shown as possible (remember, these are one of a kind, hand made items!).  We generally require one additional week for this process, but we can work with you if there's a need for faster delivery.  

Shining Star

$ 85 USD

A subtle eight ponted star is carved into this piece, looking like dancing petals surrounding a gorgeous green and blue piece of dichroic glass.  The bail is patterned after the background of the pendant and nestles between the star points perfectly.  


Bluer than Blue

$ 75 USD

The blue dichroic glass in this piece seems to glow with a brilliance all its own.  Offset and surrounded by our rendition of tropical leaves of silver, the stone is a gorgeous, bright and 'bluer than blue' creation. A very lightweight piece, this one is still a heavyweight when it comes to impact.


Double Heart

$ 90 USD

A small heart made of strands of 999 fine silver shows intertwined vines that hold two garnet red  5 mm CZs and 4 brilliant white 3 mm CZs.  This piece is dramatic and... there's a surprise.  Turn it over and you have the iconic tree of life ... you get two different pendants in one!  A real treasure.  To see the other side, please visit our picture gallery.


Feathered Gold

$ 80 USD

A large 999 fine silver feathered leaf falls gracefully over a golden dichroic glass cabachon set atop a 999 fine silver backing. This piece is stunning as the brilliant hues of gold and copper are offset by the shine of 999 fine slver.


Grapevine Heart

$ 35 USD

A heart made of strands of .999 fine silver stacked and intertwined much like a grapevine wreath.  The patina on this piece shows hints of blue and copper with a single shining silver strand running across the top of the heart.  A small white stone is magically captured at the bottom of the heart.  This piece measures nearly 1 inch in length, 3/4 inch across and is suspended on an 18 inch sterling silver chain.


Hearts and Flowers

$ 45 USD

A single silver strand loops at the peak and then swirls to the top to meet a beautful rose.  The leaves of the flower gracefully flow down the sides of the heart. A soft patina gives a bluish hue to this piece with just a hint of copper around the flower.  One of our versatile pieces, this one can be worn reversed as well - with the rose replaced by a graceful knot on the other side.  This piece measures 1 inch across and is nearly 1-1/2 inches in length.


Intertwined Heart

$ 60 USD

Double, stacked strands of .999 silver form this interesting heart shape.  Loops intertwine at the top with another twist at the bottom. The double stacked strands give additional texture and shop the muted copper and blueish tones of the patina.  This piece can also be reversed for a wider, single strand shape that has a smooth and elegant texture.


Half and Half

$ 80 USD

A crinkle patterned piece of vibrant blue dichroic glass is half encased in a textured wave of 999 fine silver.  A sturdy self bail of 999 silver attaches this piece to an 18 inch sterling silver chain.  The bail opening is large enough to wear this pendant on your own substantially thick chain or choker.


Confetti Heart

$ 105 USD

A happy heart adorned with three smaller , solid hearts and ribbons of confetti!  This one is sure to bring a smile with its playful spirit.  The 1-1/4 inch heart attaches to an 18 inch sterling silver chain with its own whimsical, heart shaped bail.  The patina gives a darker silver/gray contrast to the bright silver adornments of this happy heart.


Falling Leaves

$ 102 USD

The falling leaves rush by my window... or in this case hang securely from an 18 inch sterling silver chain.  Three sections of twisting and turning black and silver leaves are suspended to allow a natural swinging and swaying movement.  The leaves are multi-dimensional in that several have turned edges to give added depth and texture.  This piece measures 2-1/2 inches in length.


Open Drop

$ 97 USD

This free formed drop shaped pendant is a substantial and very solid piece.  The face of the drop has been flattened to show a unique difference from the somewhat flowing and angled edges.  This subtle difference captures the light and produces a brilliant shine.  The drop measures approximately 1-1/2 inches in length and is suspended from an 18 inch sterling silver chain.


Music to My Heart

$ 94 USD

A flowing shape suggesting a treble clef and rounded out with a pattern that mimics a musical note, this piece could only be called "music to my heart".  This piece measures over 2 inches in length and swings rhythmically from an 18 inch chain. Another 'note': There is no patina applied to this piece, leaving the natural silver to glisten and shine with the only color being the pink, blue and purple of the captured stone. 



$ 130 USD

A dramatically different and architecturally significant piece, this pendant is constructed of tiny woven strips of silver atop a solid backing.  Edged with a small strand of silver and topped with an angular loop, this piece is over 2-1/4 inches in length.  Brilliant colors of blue, pink, copper and green shine with an irridescence throughout the woven pattern. 


Dazzle Stone

$ 89 USD

The fiery colors of a man made stone are encased in a frame of double silver strands.  The back is open with only the rim and corners captured in silver to secure the piece.  Measuring approximately 1 inch square(ish) and hanging gracefully from and 18 inch sterling silver chain, this piece will compliment any outfit.


Silver Square Pendant

$ 112 USD

A silver square turned on end showing both matt finish and texture.  Additional interest is added by folding textured silver over one end.  The 'bail' is designed in a shape to mimick the pendant and securely suspend the piece on the 18 inch sterling silver chain, included.


Textured Silver Teardrop

$ 122 USD

This teardrop is rendered in 999 Fine Silver and incorporates a smooth matt surface with a lovely texture.  The chain loop is conveniently hidden on the back of the teardrop where it does not interfere with the clean design.  An 18 inch sterling silver chain is included.


Vintage Pink

$ 225 USD

The heaviest piece we've made - weighing in at 25 grams of 999 silver and touting a stunning 1/2 inch pink CZ.  Textured squares are offset and completed with the oval cutout of the top rectangle, encasing the gorgeous CA.  The flirty bail becomes part of the textured design and will hold either the 18 inch sterling silver chain included or your own thick choker!  The central square has a dark patina to set it apart from the rest of the texture.  Definitely a stunning piece.


Straight and Curvy

$ 95 USD

Curved lines of silver flow on top of a textured background of straight and even lines contrasting the two worlds.  The 'bail' is uniquely shaped to mimick the curved lines of the pendant and securely holds an 18 inch sterling silver chain.


Come Fly With Me

$ 75 USD

A bird in flight is captured in 999 fine silver. Patina has been added to give vibrant color to the wings and tail while the body remains a brightly shined silver.  This pendant is sure to be a classic!


Black Swirls

$ 75 USD

This pendant contrasts bright silver with deep black patina in the swirls of the texture.  The pattern is random and somewhat nostalgic of an earlier era. Pair with our black swirl earrings for a dramatic set!


Colorful Fire Pendant

$ 125 USD

One of our most colorful pieces, this pendant captures the essence of fire with it's vibrant patina.  The background is made of tiny pieces fused into the solid disk to create a unique texture.  Thin strands of silver top the piece in a random pattern that conjures images of fire. A double bail security holds this piece to an 18 inch sterling silver chain. This is a very dramatic, one of a kind creation.


Winged Cross

$ 75 USD

The iconic cross is depicted here with a different twist in that it appears to have wings. Made of tiny strands of silver fused to create a solid base, the cross reflects ever changing iridescent colors of blue, purple and copper.


Cutout Tree

$ 65 USD

Cutouts in this thin sheet of silver form tree branches in this unique piece.  Branches are pulled forward and lie on the surface of the pendant giving depth and interest.  A dark patina adds shadows to this unique piece.


Demented Star

$ 105 USD

This piece couldn't quite decide what it wanted to be when it grew up, but after squiggling this way and that - it grew into a star!  Albeit a bit demented, this free flowing star pattern is fun and unique.


Double Circles

$ 89 USD

It appears as though the center of this piece rolled away and caught on the edge!  A hoop of matte finish silver sports tiny nailhead type designs amid swirls of silver to form the backdrop of this piece.  The circle in the forefront contrasts nicely with a swirl pattern that shows iridescent colors of blue, purple and pink. 


Silver and Folds

$ 75 USD

Flowing folds of textured silver form this unique piece that contrasts fluidity with rigidity. How can a metal piece look like crumpled fabric?  The shadows and texture are highlighted with a deep patina that accents every detail of the 'crumpled' design.


Filigree Cross

$ 65 USD

Fluid lines of fine silver intertwine to form this unique cross.  Double edging sets off the swirls and nailhead pattern of the central design.   Hints of copper, green and gold patina filter through the pattern providing depth and texture.


Single Leaf

$ 79 USD

A glorious depiction of a single leaf, this piece shows off the intricacies of the leaf's surface pattern with hints of green, gold and bronze patina.  A very solid construction of a fragile looking element this single leaf looks great paired with the single leaf earrings!


Single Leaf Earrings

$ 70 USD

A smaller version of our single leaf pendant, these earrings are a perfect match to wear with it.  Also of very solid construction, the earrings remain lightweight enough to dangle from sterling silver earwires. Hints of gold, green and copper emanate from the veins in the leaves giving added depth and texture.



$ 80 USD

Beautiful leaves dance across the face of this pendant giving it depth and color.  A dark greenish gray patina shows the outlines of the leaves against the shiny silver surface.  The bail mimicks the shape of the leaves adding interest and continuity of design.


Dual Layer Teardrop

$ 89 USD

A teardrop shaped solid silver pendant supports a second teardrop shape reversed and nestled nicely in the heart of the shape. Edged with thin silver strands and a nailhead type pattern this unique piece is sure to draw attention.  The bail is also a teardrop shape and holds the pendant onto an 18 inch sterling silver chain. Vibrant colors of bronze, gold and bluegreen are mottled throughout the surface. Matching earrings in a smaller version are also available.


Folded Teardrop with Red Stone

$ 90 USD

An interesting piece, this highly textured teardrop shape is dual surfaced at the top with a non-textured fold out in the center.  All edges are finished with thin strands of silver.  A bright red CZ stone is securely captured with thin strands of silver that allow the brilliance of the stone to shine through. 



$ 60 USD

There are at least three (troika) distinct patterns alive in this piece - the fine texture of the background, the angular cutouts on top and bottom and the circular figures throughout. Brilliant silver contrasts with the dark near-black patina of the underlying surface to give a very dramatic and stunning image.


My Little Scottie

$ 60 USD

Attention all Scottie lovers!  The dear little pup is captured in a favorite stance in this lightweight pendant.  With ears up and tail pointed, this happy scottie looks ready to pounce out of his frame at any minute. For added interest, the corners of this piece are diagonally cut and the silver scottie rests atop a near-black patina background.



$ 120 USD

There's a lot going on in this piece!  Every time you look at it, you see something different.  Amid textures, cutouts, folds and flips a bright blue orb seems to shine and almost glow, casting a bit of a shadow over much of the piece. This truly unique, one of a kind pendant is a rare display of artistry.



$ 75 USD

Loop after loop of silver threads pile on top of each other and encase a stunning red-orange CZ.  Patina permeates the underlying foundation showing traces of blue and gold in the depths of the stacked loops highlighting the intricacies of the design.


Antiqued Triangle with Stone

$ 63 USD

A vibrant CZ glistens in the center of this piece like a diamond in the heart of a triangle. Antiqued with patina, this pendant appears to have aged gracefully.  Tiny strands of silver form curliques around the triangle shaped pendant, extending from all edges.  The stone, set in a 4 pronged setting, is surrounded by silver nailhead style markings. 


Teardrop Foldover

$ 75 USD

A textured teardrop shape with center cutout, this piece has a unique twist.  The cutout center is placed slightly off-center and folded to show the non-textured surface beneath. The bail that securely holds the pendant to an 18 inch sterling silver chain is also shaped like a teardrop to mimick the overall theme of the piece. Patina finish is near-black to show the intricacies of the texture.


Aquatic Swirls

$ 126 USD

A swirly disk serves as the background for a pool of gold and aqua dichroic glass.  The 999 fine silver piece includes a self bail that becomes part of the swirled pattern.


Tiny Squiggles

$ 45 USD

Our smallest piece, measuring just under 1/2 inch tall, this pendant has tiny strands of silver forming an intricate design.  Outlined in strands of silver and with a self 'bail' that is an extension of the design, this small piece has all the artistic qualities of our larger pieces but in a tiny package. 


Super Art

$ 105 USD

Not super man or super woman, but a super piece of art!  This inverted triangle has a soft matte finish and supports a deep bluegreen fold of silver and a purplish blue side panel. The color contrasts are amazing and add a touch of modern art to this piece. A unique blend of angles, folds and curves this piece is sure to be a super hit!


Open Sky

$ 110 USD

Beautiful blue hues and open spaces conjure up thoughts of soft clouds dancing across the sky.  This piece has a lovely textured background enhanced with tendrils that almost touch each other and a fold that glimmers with soft blue tones.


Oval Cutout

$ 65 USD

This oval shaped pendant is lying on its side displaying two unique cutouts.  The large piece folds down over the textured background while the smaller cutout flips around and joins the textures. Soft hints of blue and pink are found throughout the background showing off the beautiful texture. 


Green Tropics

$ 110 USD

A vibrant green crinkle pattern dichroic glass cabachon is nestled under one of the 999 silver tropical leaves of this gorgeous piece.  A tropical leaf pattern embellishes the background and a turned over leaf serves as the self bail to attach to its own 18 inch sterling silver chain.  This piece would be stunning on a thick choker of your own as well!


Silver Thread

$ 118 USD

A single silver thread winds its way through a spattering of random shapes and forms the top bail securing the pendant to an 18 inch sterling silver chain.  The random shapes look as though they were scattered by the wind, perhaps leaves or tiny ribbons floating around.  A beautiful, soft irridescent blue and gold background tops off this unique piece.


Old Heart

$ 92 USD

This pendant looks very much like an old coin with it's antiqued finish and hints of copper and aqua patina.  In the center an outline of a heart with the center gleaming with aqua.  Unlike an old coin, this piece measures approximately 1-1/4 inches and is constructed entirely of .999 fine silver. 


Soft Leaves

$ 106 USD

A substantial piece of vibrant blue and gold dichroic glass drips from soft tropical leaves.  A rendition of a leaf also serves as a self bail to attach to its own 18 inch sterling silver chain or would be stunning on a thick choker of your own. 


Native Basket

$ 106 USD

Subtle feathers or leaves, swirls and suggestions of howling wolves in the moonlight surround this golden piece of dichroic glass.  Tiny striping on the glass surface add to the unique pattern of this Native American flavored piece.


Water World

$ 130 USD

The earthy / watery pattern of the dichroic glass cabachon is surrounded by waves of 999 fine silver. The texture of the piece is suggestive of water, adding to the dramatic effect.


Planetary Purpose

$ 107 USD

A fascinating concept of a planet caught in silver strands reminiscent of planetary rings.  The architecturally structured pattern of the background is offset with the fluidity of the silver strands and organic nature of the dichroic glass cabachon. 


Planetary Dangles

$ 120 USD

Asmaller version of planetary purpose, these earrings show the same architectural background with matching dichroic glass cabachons captured in thin rings of 999 fine silver strands.  The look is almost as if the 'planets' are trying to escape.


Leaves and Stone

$ 106 USD

Two spikey leaves hug the gold and green dichroic glass cabachon tightly to the textured surface of this oval piece.  A sturdy self bail will hold this pendant to its own 18 inch sterling silver chain or dramatically on your own thick silver choker.


Stained Glass Effect

$ 125 USD

The dichroic glass square is made of small pieces of colored dichroic glass spaced on black glass to give the appearance of stained glass.  The geometic shapes of the glass are4 hugged by an irregular pattern of swirls and flips giving a dramatic effect.


Spots and Twirls

$ 75 USD

The textured 999 fine silver pendant shape is suggestive of a basket holding a blue green dichroic glass cabachon that displays distinct pink spots with gold edging.  A self bail of folded silver attaches this piece to its 18 inch sterling silver chain, or it can be worn on your own chain of various thickness.


Pretty Petals

$ 115 USD

A large pink, gold and blue dichroic glass cabachon is surrounded by multiple layers of folded and twisted silver suggesting petals.  A self bail matching the design of the petals attaches the pendant to its 18 inch sterling silver chain.


Caged Glass

$ 102 USD

A silver, gold and blue dichroic glass cabachon is nestled inside a 999 silver 'cage'.  The silver is attached securely to the glass which is set onto a solid silver back.  The bail is unique in that it is shaped to mimick the patterns of the 'cage'.



$ 129 USD

A glowing pink dichroic glass cabachon peeks out of a window of silver that has had it's surface turned back.  Lines in the textured background are enhanced and flow into the spiral bail that becomes part of the design while holding the pendant to its 18 inch sterling chain.


Purple Floral

$ 168 USD

The purple and gold dichroic glass cabachon in this piece is set into 999 fine silver that folds down around it like flirty petals.  The glass appears to be a flower amid a stem adorned with CZ leaves.  Additional CZ 'buds' are scattered through the piece which is hughly textured.  A spiral bail adorns the top.


Crinkle Leaf

$ 130 USD

A large crinkle pattern dichroic glass cabachon of primarily blue and green with a touch of purple,  is peeking through an opening that is partially covered by a large, frilly leaf.  A triple spiral bail sits atop the textured pendant.


Falling Leaves

$ 107 USD

Tiny falling leaves adorn this rectangular pendant, spilling over to the surface of the gold, orange and green dichroic glass cabachon.  A combination of embossed leaves and cutout leaves adds interest to this piece.


Aztec Eye

$ 192 USD

This is a very solid and heavy piece weight in at 20 grams of 999 fine silver.  A vibrant dichroic glass pendant sits in the center (or eye) of the piece and using the imagination one can just make out a sliver of a blue moon.  The self bail is textured to match and flow into the design of the pendant.  Since this piece is so substantial it would look terrific on your own very thick chain or choker, or on the 18 inch sterling silver chain included. When the sun hits this one, you are certain magic will happen.


Growing Green

$ 160 USD

15 grams of 999 fine silver form a solid backing with a textured front flowing with vines.  An almost heart shaped aqua dichroic glass cabachon serves as the lone flower in this field of vines and leave3s.  The stems crawl up ovr the top of the textured bail which is large enough to accomodate your favorite thick chain or choker.  Or, alternately it can be worn with its own 18 inch sterling silver chain.


Pink Flower

$ 104 USD

Two half circle dichroic glass cabachons are perfectly fused to form a circle within a band of silver embossing.  Petals flow from the center and aqre interrupted by panels of embossed circles to add interest.  A stunning piece that with a little imagination will show a butterfly in the center of the stone.


Essence of Trees

$ 125 USD

Embossing, surface textures and embellishments on this 999 fine silver pendant suggest trees, branches and leaves.  A couple of free flowing leaves are holding a dark purple and gold dichroic glass cabachon securely offset to one side.


Rain Forest

$ 130 USD

Layers of tropical leaves flow over this piece, capturing a matte finish dichroic glass cabachon.  The glass has lines across the face suggestive of rain running over it.  A very detailed piece, it is also sleek and simple in its presentation.



$ 125 USD

Our rendition of the famous ginko biloba leaf, complete with intricate texture and "seed pod". This piece has a certain "flair"... in fact, it is a flaired shape that mimics that of an actual leaf. 


Large Maple Leaf

$ 125 USD

We have created a rendition of the famous maple leaf, crafted in 999 fine silver.  The veins and imperfections of a leaf's texture have been intricately carved into the surface to provide texture and interest.  A large self bail will support this substantial leaf on the 18 inch sterling chain provided or on your own thick chain or choker.



$ 112 USD

This small oak leaf has a surprise... it can be worn as shown, exposing the carved veins or... flip it over and wear the subtle paisly pattern that has been embossed on the surface.  Truly unique and versatile!


Aztec Intrigue

$ 106 USD

This piece has a large pear shaped CZ securely embedded in the heart of the design.  The swirls and lines in the texture bring thoughts of ancient Aztec drawings, although they are not really "aztecian"... simply an artists design.  The self bail accents the piece with 5 spiral majesty waiting for your own substantial chain or the 18 inch sterling silver chain provided.


Hollow There!

$ 95 USD

An interesting piece composed of two formed halves joined to make a hollow piece.  The front side is carved with reeds and tiny holes (shown) and has a golden patina applied, while the back has an interesting "grassy" texture with patina only around the "edging" where the chain emerges.  This piece can be worn with either side showing, giving total versatility.


Celtic Square

$ 65 USD

Inspired by the intricacies of celtic knots, this piece has delicate cutouts in the spirit of the knot.  The large center will allow a colored blouse or sweater to show through, or perhaps just show off your tan!


Large Celtic Circle

$ 120 USD

This is a rendition of the celtic knot in a circular format.  The illusion of a knot is achieved with intricate cutouts... there is no actual weaving or interlacing although it appears so.


Intricate Intricacies

$ 140 USD

The illusion of a very intricate series of celtic knots is achieved with detailed study and cutouts in this rendition.  A very ornate series of "not" knots (no actual knots were used and no rope was harmed in this feat) this piece presents as a very dramtic and attention grabbing item.  Looking great against tanned skin, this piece is exceptional when worn with dark colors.


Celtic.... NOT

$ 138 USD

This rendition of a celtic knot shows the architecture of a famous knot.  With intricacies achieved by precise cutouts the image of a celtic knot is achieved with no overlapping or weaving. As shown, this piece is very dramatic against a dark fabric.


Emerald Delight

$ 104 USD

A rectangular pendant with a spiral bail shows many interesting textures.  A rope like strand of silver, multiple carved indentations and various sized silver balls scatter across the surface.  Two strands of silver wrap around a small raw, uncut emerald giving this piece an added splash of gorgeous color. 



$ 133 USD

A garden of pastel CZ's form a bouquet of flowers growing on the face of this piece.  Cutouots add light and a flurry of swirls in the background add a bit of whimsy.  A double spiral bail suoports the pendant on an 18 inch sterling silver chain.


Oval Tree

$ 120 USD

The iconic tree of life in an oval shaped pendant with detailed limbs and roots is a stunning rendition.  Tiny white CZ's are scattered throughout the branches on one side adding a glimmer without being overly flashy. The tree can be worn with either side facing out - showing a slightly different tree on each side.


Texture with Stone

$ 103 USD

A delicate textured square set atop a smoothly brushed square, both delicately turned to form a diamond.  The textured area has a tiny white CZ set into the pattern for added glimmer.  A double spiral provides the interesting bail to support the pendant on the 18 inch sterling silver chain provided.


Lightening in Clouds

$ 95 USD

A textured background on this piece shows a rendition of a cloudy sky and with imagination you may even see a little rain.  The spiral of 999 fine silver sitting atop these clouds could be perceived as an artistic lightening bolt!  Or, as with most artistic pieces, you might look at it and see something entirely different!  An interesting and unique piece.


Circles and Rings

$ 108 USD

Three multi ging piece sized textured circles form a tri-level platform upon which a silver strand encircles and twists into the spiral bail.  An intriguing piece with both complexity and simplicity combined.



$ 129 USD

This piece has a lot going on yet has a distinct flow suggesting life.  Swirls and cutouts appear to form leaves and growth while small silver balls suggest budding flowers.  A beautiful patina shows lovely glints of dark blue as the light dances across the surface.  A quadruple side twist adds interest and flair while the top spiral serves a secure bail for the 18 inch sterline silver chain provided.



$ 140 USD

A triple level of textured square shapes add depth to this piece.  Silver strands help tie the design together and interestingly form the triple loop bail.  Following the strands you will note they form a unique pattern that draws you in to its artistic architecture.


Mini Floral

$ 65 USD

A smaller pendant with a beautiful double spiral bail, this one is both hardy and delicate.  An intricate texture of tiny flowers and leaves gives a very fragile effect, while the sturdiness of the bail and the slightly off-rectangular shape appear to show solidity.  This piece looks great on the 18 inch sterline chain provided or can support a slightly thicker chain you may already have!


Little Leaf

$ 56 USD

Perhaps its a mini-maple or will grow into a full fledged oak... not really sure, but this little leaf is adorable as it is.  With veins carved into the surface and its double spiral bail this piece can dress up or dress down.  It's large enough to provide a little glint with a dressy outfit, yet small enough to blend in with jeans and a sweater.  A versatile piece that speaks... or remains silent.


Swirling Cross

$ 70 USD

A series of swirls of silver strands forms this beautiful an iconic cross.  The center has circdular swirls that engulf a solid silver ball.  The reverse side has a simple spiral to the center giving a different look which is also wearable... giving you two unique looks with one piece. 



$ 117 USD

Are they butterflies?  Are they flowers?  Yes!!  Depending on the angle and your imagination this triple pendant is made of butterflies .... or maybe flowers.  A unique display of whimsy this triple pendant is a high gloss finish that catches the light as the petals (or wings) flutter in the wind.


Petal Pushing

$ 59 USD

Silver chips adorn this little pendant and give the aura of flowers growing.  A dark copperish patina gives an added glimmer and color to this piece.  If you look at the silver chips closely, you may actually see a bird or dancing lady...  Some have even reported seeing a flying horse... it's really up to you!


Simple Tree

$ 60 USD

This is a very clean and simple piece that is a rendition of a very peaceful location.  It is suggstive of a tree, clouds and a field of growing things.  Whatever you see in this simplistic piece, it is sure to emote a peaceful and calm attitude.


Dove of Peace

$ 75 USD

This hand cut dove is flying in the famous "peace dove" pose.  It is rough cut yet sanded to a fine finish.  The "tummy" has a beveled edge that pulls in shadows and adds an illusion of depth.  


Fluid Flowers

$ 98 USD

A simple oval pendant with a brushed silver finish is embossed with a fluid line of flowers.  A dark patina has been added to show the depth and texture and highlight the intricacies of the design.  This is a great piece that can go dressy or casual and blends with nearly everything from traditional or classic to modern or funky.


One Flew Over...

$ 99 USD

This bird seems to have flown right out of this 999 fine silver pendant.  A cutout of a flying bird is enhanced with silver strands outlining the body and enhancing the wings and tail.  Is he there?  Has he flown?  This piece is striking against brightly colored fabric.


Box Bracelet

$ 212 USD

Large textured box shapes form this 25 gram 999 fine silver bracelet.  It is approximately 8 inches and is embossed with a very delicate texture on one side with solid silver on the other.  As it twists in the light, the texture and smooth finishes show exceptional glimmer.


Circle of Circles

$ 212 USD

Small circles intertwine to form this approximately 8 inch bracelet of 999 fine silver.  The circles lay at all angles when worn showing both the smooth and intricately textured side, catching light for a beautiful glimmer.  This weighty piece is made of 25 grams of 999 fine silver.


Itty Bitty Heart

$ 23 USD

Not achey breaky but definitely itty bitty, this tiny heart is made of a slender strand of 999 fine silver.  A whimsical heart, it is held to its 18 inch sterling silver chain with a tiny band of silver.  I've been told this is a great "starter piece" and could be provided in a 14 inch chain for a special young lady.


Variegation Delight

$ 94 USD

A matched set of variegated dichroic glass cabachons are the centerpiece for these gorgeous earrings.  Set atop a 999 fine silver disk, these cabachons appear to have had a layer of silver 'peeled away' to display their beauty.  Sterling silver earwires allow these earrings to dangle and glisten and appear to change colors in the light.


Twirly Tops

$ 89 USD

Small textured disks support triple twisted spirals of this intriguing pair.  Dangling from sterling silver ear wires, these 999 fine silver earrings glisten and catch and reflect light off their beautiful texture.


Twist of Fate Pendant

$ 53 USD

A simple twisted piece of 999 fine silver dangles from an 18 inch sterling silver chain.  This pendant is a high gloss finish that reflects lights and color with every twist and turn as it hangs around your neck.  Earrings (sold separately) are shown - pendant is identical, without the ear wires of course! This is for the PENDANT, not shown.


Twist of Fate Earrings

$ 85 USD

Twisted silver strands dangle from sterling silver ear wires in this gorgeous pair of 999 fine silver earrings.  They will twist and turn with every move, reflecting light and colors around you.  This is for the EARRINGS... Pendant is sold separately.



$ 70 USD

Each small oval has an embedded pastel pinkish/lavendar CZ near the bottom.   The top of the oval is fnished with a silver strand connecting to a sterling silver chain that provides lenght and "dangleability".  These cute little earring will swing and sway from sterling earwired.


Crescent Moons

$ 102 USD

These crescent moons are ornately decorated with free form filigree.  Hanging from sterling silver ear wires, these 999 fine silver earrings are classic, funky or anywhere in between.  You'll love them with jeans or your Sunday best.


Black Swirl Earrings - SOLD

$ 75 USD

This item is sold, however we can create one very similar if you would like one... please allow one additional week. These earrings reflect the same random swirl pattern seen on our Black Swirl pendant.  Bright silver contrasted with deep black patina shows off the texture and creates a dramatic effect.  Earrings dangle freely from sterling silver earwires.


Golden Leaves - SOLD

$ 60 USD

This item is sold, however we can create one very similar if you would like one... please allow one additional week. This piece may be smaller in size, but not in drama.  A glowing gold dichroic glass cabachon sits nestled atop two leaves while a smaller leaf grasps the top of the glass.  The leaves are enhances with swirls and curls tht also form the chain holding bail.


Essence of Tropics - SOLD

$ 80 USD

This item is sold, however we can create one very similar if you would like one... please allow one additional week. A shimmering blue green dichroic glass cabachon sits partially shaded with our rendition of tropical leaves.  Multiple layers of leaves give depth to this piece and an embossed background ties it all together. A heavy but simple self bail is sturdy enough for a substantial chain or choker of your own, or looks great with the 18 inch sterling silver chain provided.


My Love Grows - SOLD

$ 108 USD

This item is sold, however we can create one very similar if you order - please allow one additional week. A beautiful rendition of a tree within a heart shows her how your love continues to grow.  Intricate silver strands twist and turn forming the tree. Golden patina shows through the shining silver branches adding depth and interest.  This piece is equally attractive reversed, giving you two different looks in one pendant.  The reverse side shows a more solid trunk and of course, the tree leans in the opposite direction.  For a view of the reverse side, please see our picture gallery.


Circle of Light - SOLD

$ 125 USD

A blue and aqua dichroic glass cabachon is surrounded by 6 bright white CZ's amidst a pattern of swirls.  A triple loop self bail secures the piece to an 18 inch sterling silver chain.  


Twisted Metal - SOLD

$ 120 USD

This item is sold, however we can create one very similar if you order - please allow one additional week. A unique twist at the top of this piece provides an interesting design enhanced with a brilliant bronze and aqua patina. The textured portion contrasts the smooth folded area adding a dramatic "twist".


Good Things in Small Packages - SOLD

$ 40 USD

This item is sold, however we can create one very similar if you order - please allow one additional week. A brilliant blue and aqua dichroic glass cabachon is captured by a texturee 'envlope fold' piece of 999 fine silver.  The texture iincludes swirls and a tiny little leaf or flower atop the fold.  This piece measures approx 1/2 inch tall and although small, is big on beauty.


I Love You More! - SOLD

$ 75 USD

This item is sold, however we can create one very similar if you order - please allow one additional week.  A playful rendering of a simple silver heart with one side larger than the other depicting the echoes of "I love you more"!  No matter which side has more love... they both end up evenly intertwined at the bottom of the heart.  The heart freely hangs in an offset position from an 18 inch sterling silver chain. 


Living Cross - SOLD

$ 114 USD

This item is sold, however we can create one very similar if you order - please allow one additional week. Flowing Silver strands form a unique cross that is also a floral bouquet.  The three peaks of the cross are fulfilled with leaves and flowers of pastel yellow CZ's.  The center of the cross includes two dark green CZ's representing additional living leaves.  This is an interesting rendition of a traditional symbol.


Triple Play - SOLD

$ 80 USD

This item is sold, however we can create one very similar if you order - please allow one additional week. Three uniquely textured disks suspended from each other hang from an 18 inch sterling silver chain.  The deep blue and aqua patina highlights the depth and texture of each disk and shows off their subtle differences while contrasting against the bright silver surface.


Teardrop Earrings - SOLD

$ 30 USD

This item is sold, however we can create one very similar if you order - please allow one additional week. These earrings are designed to work well with the dual teardrop pendant.  Sized approximately the same as the reverse teardrop on the pendant, these earrings also show the same detailed silver strands, nailhead pattern and bronze, gold and bluegreen patina.


Modern Tradition - SOLD

$ 130 USD

This item is sold, however we can create one very similar if you order - please allow one additional week. Contrasting eras are shown in this dramatic triangular shaped piece. The deep bluegreen patina in the "v" shape enhances the look of the modern 'doodles' of silver, while the more traditional top bar shows a swirl pattern that mimicks the antique looking filigree patterns extending over the edges. A blend of colors, texures and design this unique piece is sure to be a conversation piece.


Vibrant Blue Cutout - SOLD

$ 75 USD

This item is sold, however we can create one very similar if you order - please allow one additional week.  Branches cutout of this silver disk lie on a bed of vibrant blue patina.  The contrast between the bright silver and brilliant blue is breathtaking. This is a sure attention getter!


Wild Horse - SOLD

$ 75 USD

This item is sold, however we can create one very similar if you order - please allow one additional week. A beautiful wild horse prances across the surface of this pendant.  A dark black patina shows the detail of the background and makes the shiny silver horse jump out at you... well, not literally, but it definitely does make a nice contrast! 


Tree of Life - SOLD

$ 110 USD

 This item is sold, however we can create one very similar if you order - please allow one additional week. The iconic tree of life is made with tiny strands of fine silver intertwined into branches and a withered looking trunk. Close examination will show colors ranging from golds and blues in some of the background branches which is obtained by applying a patina to the silver. Our most popular shape is shown, however  if you are interested in square, oblong or heart shaped we can supply them as well - simply email us with your request!


Oak Leaf - SOLD

$ 90 USD

This item is sold, however we can create one very similar if you order - please allow one additional week. Our rendition of an Oak leaf made of 999 fine silver. The irregular pattern reflects a natural leaf and adds interest to the piece.The pendant includes an 18 inch sterling silver chain. 


Copper Colored Swirls - SOLD

$ 65 USD

This item is sold, however we can create one very similar if you order - please allow one additional week. A smaller version of our black swirls pendant with a bit of a twist.  Instead of silver on black, this pendant is irridescent copper colored atop bright silver!  Tha indented swirl pattern is shiny silver while the top layer of the piece shnes with copper, purple and even a hint of bluegreen.  This dainty pendant measures 5/8 inch across and is suspended by an 18 inch sterling silver chain.


Blue Wind - SOLD

$ 120 USD

This item is sold, however we can create one very similar if you would like one... please allow one additional week. A brilliant blue and black dichroic glass cabachon is caught in the swirls and loops of a wind swept cloud.  This piece has spirals on both the top and bottom that are used as the pendant's bail - permitting it to be worn in two different orientations. 


Window to My Heart - SOLD

$ 90 USD

This item is sold, however we can create one very similar if you would like one... please allow one additional week. A tiny cutout heart rests off-center on an antiqued filigree heart background, looking like an open 'window to my heart'. The top 'bail' that holds the heart to the 18 inch sterling silver chain is fashioned as an extension of the filigree pattern.  This is 999 fine silver heart sure to please your sweetie!