Creative Renditions       

About Us

We are highly influenced by the nature around us!  Whether it be colors, patterns, sounds or natural materials you can see the influence of our environment in much our work.  Some of our work simply expresses our feelings at the time - playful, joyful, reflective...

We love creating jewelry in 999 Fine Silver!  Fashioning items from Precious Metal Clay, processing through sanding, firing and eventually applying a patina to enhance intricate designs and add a little color!  Check out our fine silver collection - all 999 Fine Silver pendants include 925 sterling silver chains and findings.

We also enjoy working with polymer clay as it allows us to experiment with color and texture, sometimes combining all the colors of the rainbow into a fun, kaleidescope of color. 

Natural shells compose another rendition of our jewelry.  Unlike traditional 'beach-combers' we are rarely searching for the perfect shell.  Some of our best work has evolved from broken pieces that suggested unique shapes and presentation. 

Natural and exotic woods have become an important part of our newest jewelry collection, combining vibrant wood colors and patterns to produce exciting renditions of wearable art.

Always looking for new media, we are constantly collecting materials or ideas for our next project. Please check our online store often as our inventory of available items changes quickly.  And don't forget to check out our photo gallery where you can see some of our previous work already purchased, photos of some of our inspirations and maybe even a photo of us hard at work in our studio creating a new rendition for you!